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Dennis Geehan and The Storied Blues Project




The Storied Blues Project is an effort by its founder Dennis Geehan to show how sharing stories, writing songs and playing the Blues can provide pathways to health, healing and happiness for many who’ve suffered the physical, emotional and moral pain of traumatic experiences.

He is using his music to feed the spirit and his Dayton PorchFest tips to help The Foodbank, Inc feed Dayton area families — and end the pain of hunger.

As a 2-tour combat veteran who served in Vietnam, he reconnected with singing, playing guitar and writing songs over 40 years after he left the joy of music behind and volunteered for Vietnam.

A dozen guitars eventually replaced many medications and he found music gave him a means to connect with his feelings and with people in ways he had missed since the war. He invites — and welcomes offers from — other musicians to play his original songs and unique covers. “Those who play with me aren’t just members of a band,” he says, “They and my audience form an interactive support group.”

Participants in The Storied Blues Project are invited to join and play his songs — often with little or no rehearsal — “however you feel it, wherever the music in the moment takes you.”

His “signature” song, “I’m Not Coming Home Tonight” — is a mournful treatment of the issue of veteran suicides is notable for sometimes bringing an audience to stand and applaud… twice. 

Geehan also is known for his community volunteering over the 50 years since he arrived in Dayton — and he has volunteered to donate all his tips from Dayton PorchFest and The Storied Blues Project’s other appearances in 2023 to The Foodbank, Inc. In Dayton.

“There is no cause more important than ending hunger, especially here in Dayton,” he said. “I have volunteered at the Foodbank, I’ve helped them raise funds, and I’ve even been a client who knows the need for and the value of their work.”

Noting a connection between musicians as “starving artists” and The Foodbank’s mission, he said, “Music can feed the spirit of folks, both young and old. I want my music to also help The Foodbank end hunger by feeding more folks in mind, body AND spirit.”

All tips donated using the QR Code are direct contributions to The Foodbank, Inc.

“If you’re as fed up with hunger as I am,” he said, “come to Dayton PorchFest and hear my new song — ‘Fed Up!’ — that addresses the plight of hunger…  then make a difference yourself with a gift to The Foodbank.”


148 South Dutoit Street, Dayton, OH, USA

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