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SilverGrass Band

Bluegrass/Old Time Country

SilverGrass Band celebrates the songs of our American ancestors, the common people of Appalachia, whose shoulders contributed mightily to the growth of our great country.  These mountain folks came to America with little and settled the rugged land that was slow to release its bounty.

These were not people of wealth, sophistication, or power. They drew strength from family and community and the Gospel’s promise of new life, different from their earthly struggles in the coal mines, fields, forests, and, eventually, the factories of America. These common people had a theology rooted in hope of salvation from desperate lives, of being released from their earthly struggles.

They brought with them the folk songs, ballads, and fiddle tunes of the Scots-Irish, English, a splash of German, and eventually enslaved Africans.  This mix gave birth to what we consider “old time” music of string bands and minstrel shows, leading to evolution of uniquely American folk, country, bluegrass, gospel, and blues. During the early 20th Century, a time of booming industry to the north, particularly in Ohio, Chicago, and Detroit, vast numbers of folks from the hills migrated for employment, taking with them memories of the life and love they left behind. The yearnings for their mountain roots in home, family, and love spawned the music and lyrics eventually called Bluegrass, often tinged with grief over lost family, homes, and love.  The Dayton area was a hotbed of recording the early Bluegrass bands.  The songs are often therapeutic for musicians and listeners alike as they together travel the path of shared lamentation.

Listen for the voices and hearts of these early Americans as SilverGrass Band celebrates their music.

  • Mo Stickrod – guitar, vocals

  • Gary Leifheit – bass

  • Dave Diller – mandolin, vocals

  • Jerry Bullmaster – banjo, fiddle, vocals

  • Clint Stover – guitar, vocals


608 McLain St, Dayton, OH, USA

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