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Mojo Power


Mojo Power is a Neo Funk Band that specializes in blending Funk, Blues, Psychedelic Rock, Heavy Rock & Hip-Hop with Lyrical and Musical Improvisation. The best band you haven't seen yet!

Funkier than 10 bottles of brassmonkey

Mojo Power shows are a fun and full of original music and an eclectic choice of favorites. Utilizing musical improvisations, as well as freestyle lyrical segments, with a live DJ that make each live experience unique and no to be missed.

Our goal is to bring joy and make people dance to the music.

  • Charles Arthur Williams - Vocals, Horns, Flute, Percussion, Breakdancing

  • John Skot Brennan - Bass Guitar, Lead Guitar, Vocals

  • Kyle Truitt - Drums, Percussion

  • Alex Polotsky - Lead/Rhythm Guitar

  • Mark Drake - DJ MD, Vocals, Groove Establishment

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236 Henry Street, Dayton, OH, USA

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