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“For 10 years, guitarist and singer Paul Levy

occasionally played his songs to the spiders and pill

bugs in the basement...”

Reads the bio blip on the Sadbox BandCamp page. It’s a bleak undersell but as Sadbox found their way to the stage and studio starting with 2019’s The Magic Nothing, there is something about this energy that drives their frenetic sound and evy’s heady, literate lyrics to combine in an incredibly infectious way.

It’s that underdog-seizes-the-day spirit that seemingly fuels the eclectic, post-punk inspired power-pop found on Future Copy, where Levy and guitarist Eli Alban, bassist Ryan Goudy, and drummer Ray Owens expand on the sound of their debut with the confidence of a band realizing it’s own glamour.

The spiders and pill bugs are now simply apparitions caused by the stage light-induced tracers. The  and has left the basement and hit the big time, whatever that may mean. As a listener, you will get it.



15 Henry Street, Dayton, OH, USA

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